Westminster College

Westminster College is organizing various events around the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall. As part of the event series, Jeremy Straughn gave a talk on “Myths & Mysteries of 1989 – Why the Berlin Wall Really Fell & Why It Matters Today!” on September 14th. An excerpt of his presentation can be seen here.


Fact and Myth?

#1: The Berlin Wall was built by the Soviets right after World War II.

#2: The Berlin Wall was built overnight from August 13-14, 1961.

#3: Until it was torn down, the Berlin Wall encircled East Berlin like a prison.

#4: For 28 Years, no one was allowed to pass through the Berlin Wall for any reason.

#5: Most East Germans would have emigrated to the West if the border had been open.

#6: The Berlin Wall came down because Soviet leader Gorbachev gave in to President Reagan’s demand that he “tear down this wall!”

#7: The Berlin Wall was opened on November 9, 1989 because an East German official misread his notes at a press conference.

#8: Most East Germans were happy when the Wall came down.

#9: When the Wall comes down, the Soviet Union collapses with it.

#10: The fall of the Wall happened 25 years ago, so it’s basically irrelevant today.


On November 8th, students are building a mock Berlin Wall, which they will paint with graffiti, then demolish.

wall project 2013 © Jeremy Straughn

On November 9th, a sculptor who made our Berlin Wall monument and who is also the granddaughter of Winston Churchill will give a talk.

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