George Washington University

The George Washington University and Georgetown University is organizing a variety of events starting with a film screening on Friday, October 10th and continues on Monday, November 3rd.

George Washington

Friday, October 10, 3:00pm — 6:00pm – Film Screening: “Liberty Train, Next Stop Freedom”
For more information please visit Wilson Center 

Monday, November 3 – Kick-off event observing the role of the churches and the significance of the Leipzig Monday Demonstrations in the Peaceful Revolution, to be held in the Vereinigte Kirche, 1920 G. St. in Washington, DC.

The program will consist of a short video on the events of 1989/90 and reflections by former East Germans living in the D.C. area to be followed by a procession with banners fashioned by students of the GWU and GU German Clubs to Gelman Library (GWU) for the opening of a photo exhibit “Berlin Walls” by Bruce Blundell and reception.

Tuesday, November 4  – Reading by author Martin Jankowski, DEFA Film Screening, Film to be determined

Wednesday, November 5  DEFA Film Screening, Film to be determined

Thursday November 6  Berlin Wall Graffiti Project (GU)

Several panels “to scale” in the shape of the original Berlin Wall will be placed on one of the central squares on GU’s campus. Students will have the opportunity to express their opinions by writing or drawing on those panels. A similar project was very successful five years ago and drew much attention on campus.

DEFA Film Screening, Film to be determined

Friday, November 7 – Lecture by Mary Elise Sarotte, author of The Collapse: The Accidental Opening of the Berlin Wall (forthcoming by Basic Books, Oct. 7, 2014) followed by panel discussion and lunch

Berlin Wall Graffiti Project (GU): continued from Thursday.

Speech Contest (GU and GWU). Students in Third Year and Advanced German classes will compete in a Redewettbewerb on the subject “25 Jahre Mauerfall – Ein Grund zum Feiern?” A second speech competition (in English) will have the theme “Reassessing the Legacy of the GDR.” The judging of the 6-7 minute speeches will take place separately at GT and GWU on November 7, 2014. The speeches will be videotaped and the prize-winning speeches will be shown on November 10.

DEFA Film Screening, (GWU): Film to be determined

Monday, November 10  “Tear Down This Wall!” Cake Party (GU). Gathering at the Graffiti Wall Panels. By eating a large cake in the form of the Berlin Wall, students will “tear down” the Wall.

Winners of the Speech Competitions will be announced and prizes will be awarded.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday November 11-13 – Visits to German classes by Mario Röllig, speaking about growing up gay in the GDR and his escape attempt which landed him in Stasi prison.

Friday, November 14 – “Twenty Five Years Later: Memory Culture and Political Controversy over the Legacy of East Germany,” GWU

Discussion with Ralph Kabisch, Escape Helper of Tunnel 57 and Mario Röllig, Historical Witness and Former Political Prisoner at the Stasi Prison of Berlin-Hohenschönhausen

Scholarly presentations : Hope M. Harrison, History (GWU) and Mary Beth Stein, German (GWU)

Monday, November 17 “The Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Collapse of Communism in East Central Europe in 1989,” Panel discussion with representatives from Germany, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, moderated by Professor Hope M. Harrison (GWU)